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  1. When you convert an Interrogative Sentence into its Indirect Speech form, the reporting verb said to or told is changed into asked. In the Indirect Speech , since the question becomes an embedded question, inserted into a statement, the verb is placed only after the subject, not before the subject as in the case of the Direct Question ( What is your name
  2. Here's how it works: We use a 'reporting verb' like 'say' or 'tell'. ( Click here for more about using 'say' and 'tell' .) If this verb is in the present tense, it's easy. We just put 'she says' and then the sentence: Direct speech: I like ice cream. Reported speech: She says (that) she likes ice cream
  3. Conversion of time phrases in Indirect/Reported speech in English, Simple Present, Simple Past - Free Online Exercis
  4. In the direct speech, the exact words of the original speaker are repeated. In the indirect speech (reported speech), the exact meaning of what the speaker told is expressed but not necessarily in the speaker's exact words. Option C is correct as the sentence in the inverted commas is in the simple present tense and the appropriate introductory.

Reported Speech: Whenever you are quoting someone else's words, you use two kinds of speeches - Direct or Indirect speech. In this chapter, we will learn all.. We use direct speech to quote the exact same words that someone utters. The indirect speech is used to report someone's speech often with words slightly changed. Convert a range of sentences including the interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences into reported speech Procedure of changing direct speech into indirect speech Remove comma and inverted commas. Put that between the reporting and reported speeches. (it is optional to put that between the reporting and reported speech) Change the 1st letter of reported speech into small letter except for Change this direct speech into reported speech: 1. He works in a bank She said _____ 2. We went out last night She told me _____ 3. I'm coming! She said _____ 4. I was waiting for the bus when he arrive

Direct Speech → Susan: I work in an office. Reported Speech → Susan said (that)* she worked in an office. Here I is changed to she. 4. Backshift of tenses. If there is backshift of tenses in Reported Speech, the tenses are shifted the following way. Direct Speech → Peter: I work in the garden. Reported Speech → Peter said. Reported speech tenses will change from that of the direct speech in most cases. This is known as backshifting in reported speech, with the basic rule that a tense is shifted back to its past tense form. This is because we are usually talking about something in the past. You can also watch a video of this lesson

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The verb of Reporting speech is converted in following manner. say to into ask said to into asked. Say or said are the only verbs followed by preposition (to) whereas in case of ask there shall be no preposition, like, He said to me, What is your name Tips on Direct and Indirect Speech: Tip 1: Conversion Rules as per the Reporting Verb. When the reporting or principal verb is in the Past Tense, all Present tenses of the direct are changed into the corresponding Past Tenses. a) Direct: He said, I am unwell. b) Indirect: He said (that) he was unwell To convert such sentences into indirect narration, the below rules are followed: Say/Said is changed to ask/asked/wonder/wondered/enquire of/enquired of etc as per the sense of the sentence. Inverted commas ( ) are removed. If the reported speech is in YES/NO question form then if/whether is used before reported speech reported speech converter app is an application with more than 5000 exercises- For all students in English grammar. It is based on narration English grammar, direct to indirect speech..

If we report what another person has said, we usually do not use the speaker's exact words (direct speech), but reported (indirect) speech. Therefore, you need to learn how to transform direct speech into reported speech. The structure is a little different depending on whether you want to transform a statement, question or request To convert direct speech into indirect speech: If the main verb is past tense, present tense verbs in the that clause must also be changed to past tense. Dean said that he didn't know what to do. First and second person pronouns must be changed to third person pronouns. Dean said that he didn't know what to do. (The that can often be left out: Dean said he didn't know what to do.) Indirect. Direct speech is typically in the form that a person would use when speaking directly to another person. For example, the question are you free at noon today? may be considered direct speech as it is in the form that the speaker would use in asking another person whether that person is free at noon. Conversely, indirect speech is typically in the form that a person would use when reporting a message to another person, or requesting another person (or object) to report a message. For. Direct speech and reported speech Ex. 1 Turn into reported speech. 1 It's hot Tom said tha This set of worksheets introduces the rules for direct and reported speech and gives exercises of converting dialogues each way. They are roughly graded from 1 (suitable for less advanced learners) to 7 (for the more advanced group). In a one-off lesson, you might want each child to complete just one or two of these sheets; if you're working on it for a week, you might use all of them

For converting direct speech into indirect speech, Present Modals (e.g. Must, Can, May) are changed into Past Modals (i.e. Could, Might, Had to). Read the following examples: Direct Speech Indirect Speech; CAN changes into COULD. He said, I can sing a song. He said. Indirect to Direct Speech. The conversion of Indirect to Direct Speech generally presents no special difficulties. Follow all the rules which we learned for changing the Direct to Indirect Speech in reverse for changing Indirect to Direct Speech. The following examples will show you how simple and easy it is. Examples Learn the concepts of Class 10 English Transformation of Sentences with Videos and Stories. Identify direct and reported speech, understand how to convert a sentnece from direct to reported speech and vice vers The teacher said to the boys: . 3 Tom's mother told him not to eat any icecream. Tom's mother said to Tom: . 4 My friend said that he was going skiing at the weekend. My friend said: at the weekend. 5 Bob's mates told the teacher that Bob was ill that day. Bob's mates said: Teacher, today

In this reported speech quiz there are 10 direct speech statements. Turn them into reported speech. Make sure you use correct capitalisation and punctuation and that you include 'that'. For example: Mike said, I am late. would be Mike said that he was late. John said, I want to see a film. Tina said, I am tired here are three key changes that are made while converting direct speech into indirect. 1. Change of Pronoun. A pronoun of the first person either singular or plural in the reported speech is changed into a pronoun of the same person, number and gender as the subject of the reporting verb is. Direct Speech. Ali says, I am happy Direct speech repeats, or quotes, the exact words spoken. When we use direct speech in writing, we place the words spoken between quotation marks ( ) and there is no change in these words. We may be reporting something that's being said NOW (for example a telephone conversation), or telling someone later about a previous conversation When the actual form and words of the speaker are used, it is direct speech but when one gives the substance of speech of the speaker it is indirect speech.. Direct speech consists of two parts:-1. Reporting speech 2. Reported speech. These two parts are separated from each other by a comma (,) and inverted commas ( ). The part outside the inverted commas forms reporting speech (i.e. who is reporting and to whom) and that enclosed within the inverted commas is reported speech (i.e. the. Reported speech: direct speech. Direct speech is a representation of the actual words someone said. A direct speech report usually has a reporting verb in the past simple. The most common reporting verb is said. The reporting clause may come first or second. 'Let me have a look.'

This App 'Direct and Indirect Speech' app helps the users to learn Narration in the easiest way. direct indirect speech app is one of the best multi-choice App for English Grammar. direct to.. Convert the sentences below from direct to indirect speech (reported speech statements). 1. Lena said, I will invite you to my birthday party.. . 2. Anderson said, I will turn twenty today.. . 3. Daniel said, Things will get better. I thought this rule is applied only to direct-reported speech where here changes into there. I wonder why instead of a regular transformation tonight - that night in reported speech, I have the variant that evening in Answers. I couldn't have found any proof to this transformation on the internet Reported Statements Mixed Exercise Change this direct speech into reported speech: 1. He works in a bank She said _____ 2. We went out last night She told me _____ 3. I'm coming! She said _____ 4. I was waiting for the bus when he arrived.


  1. Indirect Speech / Reported Speech. Indirect speech (sometimes called reported speech), doesn't use quotation marks to enclose what the person said and it doesn't have to be word for word. When reporting speech the tense usually changes. This is because when we use reported speech, we are usually talking about a time in the past (because obviously the person who spoke originally spoke in the past). The verbs therefore usually have to be in the past too
  2. Reported Speech ~ Exercises and Practice. A. Change each direct speech example into the reported speech. The first one has been done for you. Michelle said, I love my Chihuahua, Daisy. Michelle said that she loved her Chihuahua, Daisy. 2. Republicans said, We don't support Obama's plan to raise taxes
  3. The following paragraph is written in reported speech. Copy it into your homework book but this time change it into direct speech using speech marks. Peter introduced me to Jack who said he was pleased to meet me. I replied that it was my pleasure, and that I hoped Jack was enjoying his stay in Seattle. He said he thought Seattle was a beautiful city, but that it rained too much. He said that he had been staying at the Bay view Hotel for three weeks, and that it hadn't stopped raining since.

In short, reported speech is the linguistic technique that we use to tell somebody what someone else's direct speech was. In reported speech though, you may need to make certain changes to the grammar to make the sentence make sense. So, we'll look at some grammar change examples below and highlight what needs to be changed. Reported Speech Examples. When we use reported speech, we are. Exercise 1: Put the following paragraph in the reported speech into the conversational form using direct speech (quotes). Peter introduced me to Jack who said he was pleased to meet me. I replied that it was my pleasure and that I hoped Jack was enjoying his stay in Seattle A reported question is when we tell someone what another person asked. To do this, we can use direct speech or indirect speech. direct speech: 'Do you like working in sales?' he asked. indirect speech: He asked me if I liked working in sales. In indirect speech, we change the question structure (e.g Tips on Direct and Indirect Speech: Tip 1: Conversion Rules as per the Reporting Verb. When the reporting or principal verb is in the Past Tense, all Present tenses of the direct are changed into. Direct Speech: Reported Speech: Present simple: I like ice cream: She said (that) she liked ice cream: Present Continuous: I am living in London: She said (that) she was living in London. Past simple: I bought a car: She said (that) she had bought a car OR She said (that) she bought a car. Past continuous: I was walking along the stree

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  1. direct speech reported speech; She said, I saw Mary yesterday. She said she had seen Mary the day before. He said: My mother is here. He said that his mother was there. Don't confuse time with tense. Tense is the grammatical form of the verb that in the reported clause we sometimes shift back (backshift). Time refers to the actual time that something happens, such as today or now.
  2. reported speech exercises. reported speech rules. direct and indirect speech exercises. direct indirect speech rules. reported speech examples. change into indirect speech answer. reported. direct.
  3. Convert the following indirect speech sentences into direct speech exclamatory statements. 1. Kitty exclaimed joyfully that she had won ten lakhs in a lottery. 2. The old woman wished she could relive her past. 3. The giant said regretfully that he had been very selfish. 4. The captain congratulated the goal keeper on saving the goal very well. 5. Gayatri exclaimed that Kannan was very.
  4. See the sentences below with direct and indirect speech forms, these are great references to understand the difference. Also See: Say vs Tell Exercises Subjunctive That Clause Reported Speech Examples 1 1. Don't play with matches, his mother said. 1. His mother told him not to play with matches. 2. I've forgotten to bring my lunch with me.

When we report something usin the exact words of the speaker, we use direct speech. When we report something in our own words, Indirect speech: The boy said that he was happy with his results. General rules for changing direct speech into indirect speech. Omit all inverted commas or quotation marks. End the sentence with a full stop. If the verb inside the inverted commas/quotation marks. While converting a sentence into indirect speech when commas are removed the conjunction [that] or preposition [to] is used. Use of sign of exclamation . Expressing wish or prayer is largely conventional and least backed by strong sense of emotions. In that case there is full stop at the end of the reported speech (in direct narrations). On other way round if wish or prayer is meant to have. Direct speech → Indirect speech The verb of the reported speech is changed into an infinitive and inverted commas are removed. Step 3. Do not is changed to 'not to'. He said to his sister, Please speak slowly. He requested his sister to speak slowly. The teacher said, Keep quiet. The teacher ordered to keep quiet. He said to me, Don't tease the animal. He advised. Our direct and reported speech worksheets help 8th grade and high school students iron out any confusion they have in the topic, and enable them to immaculately convert direct to indirect and vice versa. Witness students putting their heart and soul into this unique grammatical experience. Download some of these worksheets for free

Besides the changes in the tenses and the pronouns, words expressing nearness in direct speech are changed into words expressing distance in indirect speech. The rules are as follows: This will change into that. These will change into those. Here will change into there. Now/just will change into then. Today will change into that day. Yesterday will change into the previous day or the day. Changing a script into direct speech. Subject: English. Age range: 16+ Resource type: Worksheet/Activity. 3 2 reviews. dawnbramley. 3.752272727272728 80 reviews. Last updated. 20 December 2011 . Share this. Share through email; Share through twitter; Share through linkedin; Share through facebook; Share through pinterest; File previews. docx, 12.94 KB. This is a basic worksheet in Word for.

Translate generally means from one language to another. Do you mean transform direct speech to indirect? The main rule is that verb tenses get shifted one step backwards. And you have to adjust other words and phrases so that everything still make.. Reported speech - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionar

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Simple present tense changes into simple past; first person in the reported speech changes as per the subject in the given sentence. The use of 'that' is mandatory. 4. B: In interrogative sentences conjunction 'if' or 'whether' is used in place of that' in the indirect speech and question mark is removed. Simple present will change into simple past. 5. B: Direct to indirect: Said to should. I ran into these type of sentences. I'm trying to understand how I'd change them into Reported speech: I like the new teacher, he is intelligent do both parts of the sentence change into the past or just the first one? Don't stop, we can win this race Same question here. Log in or register to post comments; Peter M. replied on 24 November, 2020 - 08:33 Poland . Hello Sebastian, When direct. If Direct is Simple Future→ In indirect Form, 'will' becomes 'would'ExampleDirect SpeechMy friend said I will failIndirect SpeechMy friend said that I would failNote:-In Direct Speech, we use willIn Indirect Speech, we use wouldConvert into Indirect SpeechThe boy said I will come first-a-Th

Direct and Indirect speech is directly not asked in class 9 and 10 in CBSE Board but reported speech is not out of syllabus. It can be asked in gap filling as giving the right verb forms. So learning direct and indirect speech rules is very necessary. Considering this Edumantra is providing reported speech rules and direct and indirect speech examples in a very easy and convenient manner. • In reported speech, the reporting verbs like asked/enquired, commanded/ ordered/requested, advised/suggested, exclaimed/shouted, etc are often used in place of the reporting verb 'said' to convey the mood of the spoken words. Examples: Ramesh said, 'How hot the soup is!' (direct) Ramesh exclaimed that the soup was hot. (indirect) 'Stir it with your spoon,' his sister said. Direct and indirect speech is used in French to talk about what someone's said. Learn the basics of how to do this in a quick and easy grammar lesson You are here: Home 1 / General English 2 / Direct and Indirect Speech Online Test. NEXT: Para jumbles Online Test. Grammar Rules. Directions: In the question below a sentence have been given in Direct/Indirect speech. From the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the given sentence in Indirect/Direct speech. Most Important Multiple Choice Questions; Online Tests with Correct. Direct speech: Reported speech: First-person pronouns are changed according to the subject and the reporting verb. Sonali says, I have got my bags packed. Sonali says that she has got her bags packed. Second person pronouns and corresponding possessive adjectives remain the same if the reporting is done to the same person(s). I said (to you), Your speech was very well- received. I.


  1. normally used when conversation is reported verbally, though direct speech is sometimes here to give a more dramatic effect. When we turn direct speech into indirect, some changes are usually necessary. PRONOUNS AND ADJECTIVES: CHANGES NECESSARY A. First and second person pronouns and possessive adjectives normally change to the third perso
  2. Here, we have tried to cover Direct and Indirect Speech through this blog. We are providing rules, example and exercise to help you with this topic. Reported Speech is also known as Direct and Indirect Speech or Narration. In Indirect Speech, we convey the speaker's message in our own words. Thus, the message can be conveyed in 2 ways. Direct.
  3. 5. Indirect speech for questions. You didn't think we'd end this article without talking about questions, did you? Of course not. When it comes to changing a directly stated question into a reported one, the main rule is very simple: it becomes a statement (obviously!
  4. Direct And Indirect Speech Exercise. Directions For Question 1 to 20 - Given below are sentences in Direct/Indirect Speech along with four options. You are required to read the Direct and Indirect Speech questions carefully and select the option that expresses the same sentence in the reverse speech i.e. Indirect/Direct Speech: Q.1

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To convert Direct speech into Indirect 'that' conjunction is used to join the reported verb to reported speech. The pronouns of the direct speech are changed to indicate the relations with reporter and the listener. Formula for converting pronouns of Direct speech into indirect speech . If RS is in first person it shall be changed according to the subject of the RV. If RS is in second. In order to do this, you can use the grammar structure named indirect or reported speech. direct and indirect rules have already talked about, below we have prepared direct and indirect exercises with answers for ESL learners. Also Read: Direct And Indirect Speech Complete Rules; Direct and Indirect Objects Exercise With Answers ; Direct and Indirect Exercises. Table of Contents. Direct and. \n\n \/div>\n \/div>\n\n \/div>\n \/div>\n ); } $('#quizTopicsModal .modal-body').html(''); $(#quizTopicsModal).modal('show'); \/div>\n \/div>\n\n \/div>\n \/div. This worksheet can be used at the elementary level when you have just explained the students how to convert the direct speech inti indirect one. The author's words are in the present tense, so the students don't have to do the global changes, here they have to change the personal pronouns when nesessary and observe the general rules. There are some exercises to change the indirect speech into direct. It will be a great challenge for the students Pairwork dictation match the sentences Another good way of using sentences that sound similar when converted into reported speech (either correctly or wrongly) is to put the same direct speech sentences on Student A's and Student B's worksheets but mixed up and labelled 1 to 10 (for example) on one student's and a to j on the other

Change the direct speech into reported speech: 1. I'll go to the cinema later. She said that her will go to cinema later . 2. We'll meet the children at six. She said that us will meet the children at six . 3. She'll be late. She said that she will be late . 4. Lucy will definitely come. She said that she will be definitely come . 5. I will stop smoking on Tuesday. Find an answer to your question I can't drive a lorry,he said.Convert this sentence Direct speech to Reported speech ThakorDev351 ThakorDev351 25.06.2020 English Secondary School I can't drive a lorry,he said. Convert this sentence Direct speech to Reported speech 2 See answers. Reported speech exercise. by Manjusha · Published May 4, 2014 · Updated May 4, 2014. This grammar exercise tests your ability to convert direct speech into indirect speech. An example is given below. Direct speech: 'Do you think you know better than your father?' asked his angry mother


Mixed Reported Speech 2 : Change the direct speech into reported speech. Choose the past simple of 'ask', 'say'or 'tell' REPORTED SPEECH: He said I was a very good employee. (We need to change the person word.) DIRECT SPEECH: It is sunny here. REPORTED SPEECH: She said it was sunny there. (We need to change the place word.) DIRECT SPEECH: I went to a concert yesterday. REPORTED SPEECH: She said she went to a concert the day before. (We need to change the time word. Speech to text converter tool is used to convert any voice into plain text. Default language supported is English US. It also supports the languages installed in your Windows 10 OS. This tool is simple and clean. Instead of typing your email, story, class or conversation, you can just speak and this tool can convert it into text. You can copy this text and paste it wherever you need it. Its a.

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This is called Indirect (or Reported) Speech. Direct. -- Rama said. I am very busy now.. Indirect. -- Rama said that he was very busy then. It will be noticed that in Direct Speech, we use inverted commas to mark off the exact words of the speaker. In Indirect Speech we do not Tabela de Formação do Reported Speech; Direct Speech Reported Speech; Present Simple → I like your new car. (Eu gosto do seu carro novo.) Past Simple → He said (that) he liked my new car (Ele disse que gostou do meu carro novo.) Present Continuous → I am getting married.(Eu vou me casar.) Past Continuous → She said (that) she was getting married. (Ela disse que vai se casar. Students work in pairs and are assigned A (job interview) / B (first date). They ask each other questions and record each other's responses. Ask students to ensure their responses are brief but creative. After each has recorded their partner's responses, pairs work together to convert their responses from Direct Speech to Reported Speech

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  1. Change the direct speech into reported speech: 1. Please help me carry this She asked me _____ 2. Please come early He _____ 3. Please buy some milk, Mar
  2. Direct And Indirect Speech Rules . Rules for converting Direct into Indirect speech. To change a sentence of direct speech into indirect speech there are various factors that are considered, such as reporting verbs, modals, time, place, pronouns, tenses, etc. We will discuss each of these factors one by one
  3. Words showing nearness in direct speech are normally changed into words showing distance in indirect speech. The most common changes are given below. Now/just changes to then. Come sometimes changes to go. Today changes to that day/the same day. Tomorrow changes to the next day/the following day
  4. ConvertSpeech.com enables you to convert your spoken or recorded audio from US English language into written text. Simply select your MP3/WAV/MP4 or FLAC file and upload it to our engine. After some time of processing, you will be presented the transcript of your audio file. ConvertSpeech.com currently offers online speech recognition free of.
  5. Direct speech involves exact words spoken that use speech marks in a sentence. Whereas, reported speech, also known as indirect speech is when something someone has said is summed up, without writing the speech out fully. While on the subject of direct speech, it might be worth brushing up on your knowledge of using speech marks. This Speech Mark Worksheet Set is a great way to help your class revise the best way to use speech marks in their writing.If you're using this PowerPoint with ESL.
  6. 80 Contoh Soal Reported Speech (Direct Speech - Indirect Speech) Lengkap Jawaban 80 Contoh Soal Reported Speech Lengkap Jawaban Reported Speech Statements. Convert the sentences below from direct to indirect speech (reported speech statements) Sarah said, I will invite you to my birthday party. She said that she would invite me to her birthday party; Anderson said, I will turn.

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Rules For Changing Direct Speech Into Indirect Speech. Rule 1: If the Reporting Verb is in the Present or Future Tense, the Verb in the Reported Speech is not changed at all. In other words, if in direct speech we find say, says or will say then we will not change the tense of the verb inside the quotation marks. Here are some examples: Direct Speech - Dia says, There is no water in the. Tense, Direct and Reported Speech, English direct indirect speech and tense; Tense Direct Speech Reported Speech Present Simple I like ice cream. He said that he liked ice cream. Present Continuous I am living in Paris. He said that he was living in Paris. Past Simple I bought a car. He said he bought a car. Past Continuous I was walking along the Street

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Indirect Speech (Reported Speech) Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer The application features: -Translation into any of 88 languages. -Optional speech to text allows you to record your text in 23 languages and convert it into any of the many listed languages. -Remembers earlier translations, providing playback without internet. -Just click to playback i) In Direct Speech: The reported speech is put within inverted commas (). The first word of the reported speech begins with a capital letter. The reported speech is separated by a comma from the reporting verb. ii) In Indirect Speech: Inverted commas are not used but the reported speech is generally introduced by the conjunction that

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Reported Speech - gemischt; Du möchtest dieses Thema intensiver üben? Mit Lingolia Plus kannst du folgende 13 Zusatzübungen zum Thema Reported Speech sowie 776 weitere Online-Übungen im Bereich Englisch drei Monate lang für nur 10,50 Euro nutzen. Informiere dich hier über Lingolia Plus. Reported Speech - Zusatzübungen . Du benötigst einen Lingolia Plus Zugang für diese. Direct/reported speech worksheets. We offer carefully designed phonics worksheets, games, videos and flash cards you will find on our site. Everything you need to help a child learn to read through phonics: decodable stories, listening exercises, you name it. Visit this page now! Worksheets that listen

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Direct and Indirect Speech: Practice Sheet 1. Turn these sentences with direct speech into those with indirect speech: Peter said, I have got a toothache. Annie said, I am very busy now. Give me a cup of water, Mark told her. Jessica said, I am going to college. She said to me, Thank you Steven said, Ashley must go tomorrow. Emily says, My father is a teacher. Show Answers. direct speech reported speech; present simple* He said, I like coffee. He said (that) he likes coffee. He said (that) he liked coffee. present continuous* She said, Moo is living here with us. She said Moo is living there with them. She said Moo was living there with them. past simple: John said, We bought a house last week. John said they had bought a house the week before. present. What is indirect speech or reported speech? When we tell people what another person said or thought, we often use reported speech or indirect speech. To do that, we need to change verb tenses (present, past, etc.) and pronouns (I, you, my, your, etc.) if the time and speaker are different.For example, present tenses become past, I becomes he or she, and my becomes his or her, etc B. Convert the following sentences from direct to indirect speech (reported speech). 1. Mother to daughter: Put on your shoes. _____ 2. The teacher to me: Open your notebook. _____ 3. Maya to her uncle: Don't be mad at me. _____ 4. Coach to Rohit: Get on your feet While changing Direct Speech into indirect Speech, the rule of Sequence of Tenses is followed. If the Reporting Verb is in the Present or Future Tense, the tense of the verb in the Reported Speech is not changed at all. Direct Indirect; You say, She is a nurse. You say that she is a nurse. I say, Mohan is a good boy. I say that Mohan is a good boy. I say to Sham, Ram is a.

One is to say the same words and use quotation marks. That is direct speech. The other method is to summarize, or tell about what someone said. This is called reported speech. Before we get. If Direct Speech is Present Continuous−−>In indirect Form it becomes Past ContinuousExampleDirect SpeechSister said I am going to marketIndirect SpeechSister said that she was going to marketNote:-In Direct Speech,we use am going (Present Continous)In Indirect Speech,we use was going(Past Con


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Rules for converting Direct into Indirect speech To change a sentence of direct speech into indirect speech there are various factors that are considered such as reporting verbs, modals, time, place, pronoun, tense, etc. we will take up all the factors one by one. Rule 1 - Direct To Indirect Speech Conversion - Reporting Verb 1. When The reporting verb of direct speech is in past tense then. Reported speech (also called indirect speech) relates what the person said, but does not use the exact words. You often need to change verbs and pronouns to keep the original meaning. (The students may notice that verb tenses change in reported speech. The general rule is that reported speech backs up one verb tense. This will be explained in further detai Activity. Divide the students into several small groups. Have the members of each group work together to compose twenty sentences, ten representing direct speech and ten demonstrating indirect speech ‎Grammar Express: Reported Speech is the complete course in mastering Direct and Indirect narration in English. It contains over 50 pages of lessons explaining rules for conversion of Direct Speech into Indirect Speech with several examples. You can learn the grammar rules, study the examples and Dein Banknachbar Gareth ist ein bisschen schwerhörig, deshalb musst du jeden Satz für ihn wiederholen. Vervollständige die Sätze in der indirekten Rede (ohne Backshift). Achte auf die Änderung der Pronomen, Ortsangaben und Verben. Helen: I want to tell you something about my holiday in London

We use reported speech when we want to tell someone what someone said. We usually use a reporting verb (e.g. say, tell, ask, etc.) and then change the tense of what was actually said in direct speech. So, direct speech is what someone actually says? Like 'I want to know about reported speech'? Yes, and you report it with a reporting verb. He said he wanted to know about reported speech. I said. Exercise on Reported Speech. Mixed Exercise 1. Complete the sentences in reported speech. Note whether the sentence is a request, a statement or a question. He said, I like this song. → He said Where is your sister? she asked me. → She asked me I don't speak Italian, she said. → She said Say hello to Jim, they said. → They asked me The film began at seven o'clock, he said. In linguistics, indirect speech (also reported speech or indirect discourse) is a grammatical mechanism for reporting the content of another utterance without directly quoting it. For example, the English sentence Jill said she was coming is indirect discourse while Jill said I'm coming would be direct discourse.. In many languages, indirect discourse is expressed using a content clause or.

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